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Due to increasing pollution problems, emissions norms have got more and more strict, thus moving from BS-4 (EURO-4) to BS-6 (EURO-6) was inevitable. All OEMS have been working hard to get the best performance out of the engine to match expectations of emissions norms and keeping the car performing for longer time. Even though new emissions norms are strict by 10 folds but the number of vehicles have also increased by more than 10 folds. so the total emissions in the air remain more or less the same. It becomes a bigger and challenging task for OEM’S and car owners to ensure vehicles are serviced at the authorised service center’s only to ensure the job is done correctly and as per standards.

GREEN ENERGY ASIA take this opportunity to help reviving the car performance parameter and reducing the emissions by detoxing the engine system in a safest manner to help service centers to use this technology as preventive maintenance at regular service cycle thus keeping the exhaust emissions always at low level and car performance at high level.

Let your engine breathe better, to perform better


In order to check the GEA Carbon cleaning performance , a well maintained and a good condition car was selected and the comparison was done for before and after Treatment. MPV(multipurpose vehicle) of 2.5 ltr diesel engine was selected and was serviced at authorised service center before conducting the test to make the test more challenging.

following are the test results comparison – before and after treatment.


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