Super Coat

Retreading agent for plastic parts

Effectively reduces the whitening of plastic parts for both indoor and outdoor. Please apply a thin layer when using it to make the product absorb naturally

Repairs whitening & Renovates Plastic

15ml - ₹ 650
Offer Prize ₹ 449/-

30ml - ₹ 950
Offer Prize ₹ 599/-

Note * : Product will be delivered in 8 working days.





  • Clean and dry the plastic surface thoroughly.
  • Make sure that the surface is free of any water, grease or oil.
  • Take a few drops on applicator and apply evenly & gently on the required surface
  • For best and long lasting result avoid treated surface from exposure to sunlight & water within first three days.
  • 1. Product care : Do not expose this product to direct sunlight
  • 2. Avoid : It is not suitable to use this product on dirty and wet vinyl surface
  • 3. Storage & Uses : If Stored under suitable environment can be used multiple times.
  • 4. Safety and environmental protection : Please keep away from the elderly and children, if swallowed by mistake, please consult a doctor in time
  • 5. Environment Protection : Does not contain black dyeing agent, and are safe and

Questions and Answers

  • Q.1 Plastic & Rubber parts of a vehicle usually fade away and loose its original appearance. This can be attributed to various reasons like aging & long term exposure to direct sunlight along with other factors like cheap wax, alcohol, glue remover, etc. Can this product help in protection?
  • Answers :This product being anti-corrosive, anti-aging forms a strong layer when dried naturally to avoid whitening of plastic. It also restores the appearance and gives you a brand new feeling.
  • Q.2 Can this product only be used on black plastic? Can my plastic be a gray or other color?
  • AnswersThis product can be used on plastics of various colors. The effect of product on black plastic or dark plastic is intuitive and obvious!

GEA Supercoat is an excellent product. It is protecting plastic and rubber originality. After using GEA Supercoat, I have washed my Car 2 times, all parts are glowing same way as after applying Supercoat.

Kapil Patil

I am very satisfied with GEA Supercoat. There are many wax products available in market but Supercoat is not like that. Long lasting shine is most important quality of Supercoat. I have used it for my laptop, now everyone is asking when I bought new one.

Manasi Mishra

My Car interior is sparkling new with GEA Supercoat. Friends are asking whether I changed Car Interior. Lot precautions while applying GEA Supercoat is only disadvantage.

Rahul Ghevar

GEA Supercoat is giving awesome finish to all black plastic and rubber. Gloss lasts long even after washing is an added advantage. I have decided to use it for my furniture now after using it for Car.

Ashitosh Joshi

Supercoat is far Superior than market products, that is all I can say

Girish Thapar


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