Air Suspension


Green Energy Asia is the industry leader in remanufacturing of used original equipment air suspension struts. We at Green Energy Asia have mastered the art of remanufacturing air suspension. Green Energy Asia has remanufactured Air Suspensions of many cars and SUVs. Extensive testing, high quality parts and advanced technology helps to match high quality product performance. Our products are affordable, of good quality and long lasting. We are excellent at post sales services. Response time to any enquiry is quick and satisfactory.

We have installed active Air-Suspension to many modern and updated models of Cars and SUVs. Experience the cloud-9 driving of your vehicle. Whether it is called Airmatic by Mercedes Benz or Active Air Suspension by Audi, the systems are all based on the same principles.

Air Suspension System

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The Green Energy Asia Advantage:

Full Recharge Capability. Made with OE Components.


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